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Site Update History

Date Description
1st & 2nd November 2010 Added The Bacchae to the Portfolio page.
Added a Gallery page, with photographs of The Bacchae.
Link on menu changed from affiliations to gallery.
15th April 2010 Updated several links on the Links page.
Brought the "The Bricks Don't Match" site into this domain.
20th March 2009 Added Strand Light, updated Strand Lighting and updated Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen on the Links page.
3rd March 2009 Added Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness to the Portfolio page.
24th May 2008 Link to my friend, Sarah Gully's site added.
16th October 2007 Link to Barrie Hughes WHR site updated back to its real URL, now that is back home.
1st September 2007 A few links added to the Links page.

Links throughout the site changed to open all links in the same new window (i.e. When you click a link to an external site it opens in a new window or tab, as before, but when you click a second link it opens in the same window or tab, not another new one.)

Changed the Affiliations page to show that I am a member of the ABTT.
18th February 2007 Link added to Pimp that Snack on the Links page.

Links added in Portfolio to show information from the Nuffield Theatre, where I currently work.
7th January 2007 Link added to Creative Paper Wales, who make Sheep Poo Paper, on the Links page.
25th November 2006 Serveral links added to the Links page.
19th November 2006 Several parts of the pages have now been made into SSI's (e.g. the top and bottom of each page - header and footer). This will make site maintanance easier, but with no noticable effect for visitors.

The site update date on the Homepage has been set to update automatically when this update log is changed.

Serveral links added to the Links page.
7th October 2006 Site moved to new server. Better hosting means that the ICRA & SafeSurf ratings should now work better.

Portfolio and Links pages updated.
19th July 2006 Site made live.

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