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Recent Employment / Work Experience

(If you would like a full list please contact me)
Dates Description
August 2006 - present Theatre Technician
Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

This job involves working with a large variety of touring shows, one night shows (e.g. comedians) as well as the theatres own productions. I am also involved with the day to day maintanance of the theatre and its technical development.
Follow these links to see what the theatre is producing soon, and past shows, or all upcoming shows.
August & September 2010 Lighting Designer
The Bacchae
Hampshire Youth Theatre / Nuffield Theatre

I worked with the director, Tim Ford, and the rest of the creative team to create the lighting design for this production. Photographs can be found in the gallery.
Feburary & March 2009 Production LX & Re-lighter
Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Headlong / Nuffield Theatre

I worked with the lighting designer, Malcolm Rippeth, and the rest of the production team during the production period and on a UK tour. I worked as Production Electrician to lead a department in the technical creation of the lighting, and then as Re-lighter on the tour, to accurately recreate the lighting design within the different spaces and equipment of each venue.
September 2003 - August2006 Student Technician
Trinity College, Carmarthen

This paid, casual post included get-ins/outs of a large variety of touring shows and their operation, as well as the general maintenance of the theatre and its equipment.
March 2005 - June 2006 Treasurer
Students' Union Stage Society

I was a founding member of this society, and put in place relevant structures for the maintenance of the society's financial records and its day to day running. I oversaw each of the societies productions.
April 2006 Lighting Designer & Technician
No Matter Where / 'Sdim Ots Ble

I worked with the director, choreographer and lead dancers of Dawns Dyfed in this large devised production, which took place across four different space within the theatre building. Some of which were not traditional performance spaces.
March 2006 Lighting Technician
The Women of Troy

I worked with the lighting designer, and the rest of the production team, to realise their artistic intentions on this large show. This involved problem solving and supporting other members of the production team.
January 2006 Performer & Production
City in the Sea: The Fall of the House of Usher

I took a lead role both performing and in the creation of this piece of site specific theatre that presented the stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

Further details of my work and productions I have work on will be made available as time permits

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