Joseph Kennion

Theatre Technician

Other Interests

I have several other interests outside of work. Here is some information about them.

Corris Railway -  Railway Modelling -  Sailing -  TARS -  Brass Band

Corris Railway

Corris Railway Photo

I have been a member of the Corris Railway Society since 1998. I have volunteered on the railway in a number of ways, including civil engineering working parties, and as a passed-out passenger train guard. I usually manage to find time to go a couple of weekends each year.

For more information about the railway go to the Corris Railway Society website.

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Railway Modelling

Garden Railway Photo

I have had a passion for railway modelling for most of my life. After having started in 00 gauge, I progressed to N gauge. Along with this I have also developed, along with my brother, a 16mm/ft scale garden railway, in our parents' garden.

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Sailing on the Norfolk Broads Photo

I enjoy sailing, although I do not have time to do very much of it at the moment. I have mostly sailed small dingies, such as the Mirror, Pico, Enterprise and Turtle, but have also had some experience with larger craft, such as Norfolk Yachts.

See my Coots from the North website for information on a sailing holiday I had with TARS on the Norfolk Broads.

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TARS burgee Photo

"The Arthur Ransome Society" (TARS) is a literary society interested in the works of Arthur Ransome, which included the series of childrens books which started with Swallows and Amazons, as well as a career in journalism which included being a Russian Correspondent.

See the TARS website for more information.

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Brass Band

Besses Boys' Band Photo

Between 1996 and 2003 I played with Besses Boys' Band, one of the best youth bands in the country. I played the Baritone with the band. We regularly scored well in contests, as well as playing in a wide variety of concerts. Highlights included playing in the European Championships and a tour of Europe, as well as the annual Whit Friday Marches.

I continue to play the Baritone, but am not a member of a band at the moment.

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